Castilleja Reimagined

A Campus for the Future

Castilleja School was founded in 1907 in Palo Alto to equalize educational opportunities for women. Classrooms haven’t been renovated since the 1960s, which is why we plan to build a modernized campus that meets the educational needs of the 21st century. After nearly a decade working with our neighbors, the Palo Alto community, and City officials, we are pleased to share that on Monday, June 6, 2022, the Palo Alto City Council approved our proposal.

We are thrilled to have permission to update our campus for 21st century learning and environmental sustainability, open more opportunities for the next generation of women leaders, and improve our neighborhood, the city, and the greater community.

Our new campus will honor the past, breathe new life into the present, and enrich the future of women's education in the Bay Area.

An Approved Plan

Enrollment - We have permission to increase to 450 as soon as construction is completed, with a path to increase to 540 as long as we meet our conditions of approval. If we occupy an off-site temporary campus during construction, we can grow to 450 before construction commences.

Underground Parking Garage - We have approval to locate half of our required parking underground, which preserves trees and Spieker Field.

Events - We will have 55 events approved in the short term with the possibility to add more over time.

Traffic Demand Management Strategies - We are succeeding in this now, and we will continue to work together to assure that we can enroll more students while we also minimize impacts on the neighborhood and the environment.

What's Next

We have completed the permitting process for our underground parking structure and plan to begin construction this summer. As we make progress, we will share updates on this page.